The correction of the ISS orbit

The correction of the ISS orbit

On March 3 at 11-00 a.m. MT the orbit of the ISS was changed adjusted. The correction of the orbit was realized by the engines of the Cargo space vehicle Progress M-26M, which is docked with the ISS. The height of the orbit was increased by 750 meters and now is approximately 402,68 km high, the speed of the Station was increased by the 0,43 meters per second. The main aim of that maneuver was to prepare the ISS to the upcoming landing of the crew of Soyuz-TMV-14M and launch of the Soyuz TMV-16M.

The landing is scheduled on March 12. The crew of Soyuz-TMV-14M: cosmonauts of Roscosmos Elena Serova, Alexander Samokutaev and NASA astronaut Barry Wilmore, whose expedition on aloft lasted 169 days.

The launch of Soyuz TMV-16M is scheduled on March 27. The crew of Soyuz TMV-16M: cosmonauts Gennady Padalka and Mikhail Kornienko, and astronaut Skott Kelly. Mikhail Kornienko and Skott Kelly will take part in one-year mission.


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